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Her children who have a low risk of the tumor recurring can be successfully treated without using potentially harmful treatments such as radiation therapy and the chemotherapy drug cyclophosphamide. Because children's bodies are very sensitive to radiation, doctors are looking for ways to limit the doses as much as possible. Newer radiation therapy techniques allow doctors to aim the radiation more precisely, limiting the amount that reaches normal body tissues. Some of these techniques were described in the section " radiation therapy for rhabdomyosarcoma", and other approaches are now being studied. For example, in stereotactic radiation therapy, a special machine allows the radiation to be aimed at the tumor from many different angles. Proton beam radiation is another new approach. Standard radiation beams give off the same amount of radiation at all points in the body as they pass through it. Proton beam radiation uses radioactive particles that travel only a certain distance before releasing most of their energy. Doctors can use this property to limit the radiation reaching normal body tissues. This new approach seems promising, but it is not yet clear if it is better than other newer forms of radiation therapy. It is also expensive and is only available in a handful of centers around the country at this time. Doctors are studying adding newer chemotherapy drugs such as irinotecan and temozolomide to the standard chemotherapy regimens in those who have a higher risk of the tumor recurring. For patients at a high risk of tumor recurrence, doctors are looking at maximizing the early treatment with drugs such as cyclophosphamide and ifosfamide by giving them more frequently (a concept called interval compression). Newer treatment approaches drugs that target specific parts of cancer cells (as opposed to just attacking fast-growing cells, as chemotherapy drugs do) are now being studied for use in rms. Some of these drugs are already being used to treat certain adult cancers. viagra for sale viagra without a doctor prescription generic viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription viagra online buy cheap viagra Examples of newer targeted drugs being studied for use against rms include: igf-1 receptor inhibitors, such as cixutumumab (imc-1a2) drugs that affect a tumor's ability to make new blood vessels, such as bevacizumab (avastin) and sorafenib (nexavar) drugs that target the mtor protein, such as temsirolimus (torisel) and everolimus (afinitor) drugs that target the alk protein, such as crizotinib (xalkori) dasatinib (sprycel) researchers are also testing other new ways to treat rms. For example, some researchers are looking at exposing some of the body's own immune system cells, called dendritic cells, to the abnormal pax-foxo1 protein that is found in many. The Law Office of Phillip R. Kete
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